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Take the right steps to keep your intellectual property safe with the right agreements

When you work with your attorney, you may want to learn more about copyright or trademark applications, licensing, and franchising agreements. You may also need to learn more about noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements, which can help prevent your employees or partners from using your company’s trade secrets or confidential information without permission.

Why would you want to consider a franchising agreement or software license?

Do you have a company that would benefit from having multiple locations? Do you have software that would be perfect for distribution so long as it’s protected with a franchising agreement through your partners’ websites? Software licenses and franchising agreements can be a good way to protect your brand. 

With franchising agreements and software licensing, you get to decide where software is sold. You can decide exactly how it’s distributed through partner channels. Everyone wins in that situation because you’re paid while your partners also make a profit. 

The goal of any kind of software license or agreement is to protect your asset and to make sure your brand’s image is upheld. If a partner violates an agreement, you want to have legal standing to hold them accountable for financial losses. You always want to take steps that protect your bottom line, because you’ve worked hard to get where you are today.

On our website, we have more information about all kinds of ways that you can protect your software and intellectual property. There are multiple ways to protect your trademark, brand, software and trade secrets, so that other companies or people don’t benefit from the hard work you’ve put into your products without permission.