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Technology And Internet Law

Businesses in today’s information economy find themselves facing many issues stemming from the ever-expanding and rapidly changing fields of technology and internet law. This is every bit as true for businesses that rely upon technology and data to carry out their day-to-day business as it is for companies that create technology and/or creative content and services for the internet. We work with companies of all types that are enmeshed in today’s information economy to help them identify, prepare for, and navigate the challenging legal and regulatory issues, which impact business in this technology and data-driven world.

Among the issues that our experienced technology lawyers help companies deal with are:

  • Negotiating, reviewing and/or preparing specialized contracts, including nondisclosure agreements, master services agreements, statements of work, scope of engagement descriptions, service-level agreements, website terms of use, etc.
  • Negotiating, reviewing and/or preparing technology and intellectual property licensing agreements
  • Preparing and executing comprehensive intellectual property protection strategies
  • Navigating legal and regulatory issues, including data privacy, computer trespass, Child Online Privacy Protection Act, PCI, HIPAA, etc.
  • Employment issues, including subcontractor agreements, employment agreements, noncompete, nonsolicitation and confidentiality agreements
  • Internal policy, procedure and compliance issues
  • Resolution of disputes and litigation arising from technology and data-driven business relationships

Our attorneys bring a wealth of experience and business-focused solutions to assist companies in the software, telecom, IT architecture, managed services, data and informatics, biotechnology, and related technology fields in growing and expanding their businesses and avoiding costly and distracting legal hurdles along the way.

Our attorneys also have experience in litigating and resolving disputes arising from technology, data and internet law issues.

We strive to provide clear insight and effective advice and assistance to technology-focused businesses. Our deep insight into not only the legal issues facing technology companies but also the business of technology and the fundamentals of our clients’ products and services allow us to provide focused, cost-effective, industry-specific advice and perspective. Contact us online or call 770-410-1555.