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Developing Shareholder Agreements That Protect Your Enterprise

Properly structured corporate business entities provide a wealth of opportunities for owners, stockholders and other parties to profit from their initial investment. Shareholder agreements play a critical role in developing this structure because they contain terms that establish expectations for all stakeholders and identify procedures for resolving future challenges.

Our business law attorneys at Briskin, Cross & Sanford, LLC, maintain the long view when we create shareholder and operating agreements that address your unique needs. We use our substantial insight to anticipate conflicts that may arise during your enterprise’s life cycle and incorporate provisions to attend to these concerns. Contact our Alpharetta firm to learn more about our legal offerings.

Striving To Minimize Liabilities And Achieve Your Goals

Throughout the greater Atlanta area, our lawyers are recognized for their candor and skilled counsel with corporate matters. For over two decades, our firm has provided extensive consultative and transactional services, tailoring our advice to each client’s distinct circumstances.

Clients rely on our recommendations to help them establish a sound foundation for their enterprise. We regularly assist clients operating in a range of sectors with issues that include:

  • Developing the framework for their business
  • Designing operating procedures, bylaws and policies
  • Identifying board member obligations
  • Creating guidelines for issuing or transferring share transfers or share requirements for board members

We strive to create contracts and policies that are easy to understand and enforce. Having defended our clients in litigation against creditors and other parties, we know how critical it is that your shareholders respect their assigned roles. When shareholders disregard bylaws and engage in inappropriate transactions that pierce the corporate veil, they open up your corporation to lawsuits.

We work to minimize this risk by developing agreements that streamline daily operations and comply with Georgia’s laws. Consult with us to learn how we can help you capitalize on your business investment and minimize liabilities.

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