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Business law: Is selling a business the right choice?

There are various reasons that a business owner may decide to sell his or her business. What is important is that owners understand how to handle the process and what it means for business law. Some of the choices they face will seem very straightforward, but the entire matter is very complex and may require the assistance of several different professionals. Here is what Georgia business owners need to know about selling their businesses.

No place for emotion

Most people have put their hearts and souls into their business. Selling it can be fraught with emotion, even if the owner truly wants to sell. However, this can lead to costly and time-consuming mistakes. It is best not to rush the process, as it can take a great deal of time and effort. There are also better times to sell than others, such as when both the business and the economy are doing well.

Professional assistance is best

Valuing a business can also be difficult for owners to do impartially. This is an area best left to a professional appraiser, who can not only appraise assets but consider other aspects the owner may overlook. Having an accurate value will not only maximize what the seller will make, but it will help if the seller has to finance any part of the sale. Other professionals that can help include business brokers, attorneys and other business owners. The latter category can be particularly helpful in networking a seller to a potential buyer.

An attorney in particular can be a valuable ally when a business owner makes the decision to sell. When selling a business here in Georgia it is important to do it right and ensure that all parties involved receive fair treatment. A business law attorney can work to that end so business owners can feel secure in the process.