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Technology law: Protecting customer data

Businesses of all kinds rely on customer data. In the past, this data often took an actual physical form that could be cumbersome to deal with. Nowadays, online databases are the norm, however, they are also vulnerable to misuse, which can cause significant problems for a company if it leads to violations in technology law. Experts say there are several ways that a Georgia business can ensure that its customer data stays protected that can stop potential problems before they begin.

First, the company should look at the customer data itself, and consider what customer information it has. Common data includes names and addresses, but other businesses may have access to Social Security numbers or credit card information, which can be dangerous in the wrong hands. The business should consider what form this data takes, such as physical or virtual records, and whether it actually needs to retain all of this data. If not, the business should make a plan to properly and securely destroy that customer data and ensure all employees adhere to that plan.

Once the business knows more about its store of customer data, it will want to look at how that data is stored and whether it is secure. Depending on what form the data takes, it may make sense to have multiple forms of security, including proper training of employees, electronic security measures and even more traditional physical solutions, such as a locked safe. It is also a good idea to prepare for the possibility of a data breach before it even happens. Having a plan for dealing with stolen customer data can save a business precious time and may even reduce the severity of any impact.

Any Georgia business that relies on customer data will want to be certain that it is in full compliance with identity and technology law. If an owner or manager is uncertain of what that may entail, an attorney who understands different facets of high-tech law can be an invaluable ally. It may be the best way to prevent any issues as well as handle any that may arise.