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ADT files trademark infringement lawsuit

Georgia homeowners and business owners alike often turn to security companies and technology for protecting their properties. However, a recent lawsuit filed by the security company ADT alleges that some customers could be confused by an alleged trademark infringement. According to the suit, the company Ring is using a strikingly similar mark on its products. 

ADT vs. Ring 

The lawsuit claims that Ring — which is owned by Amazon — is using a blue octagon mark that is easily confused with ADT’s own blue octagon mark. ADT claims that the similarity between the two marks is deliberate and intended to make consumers associate Ring with the other company. ADT believes that this association will lead to consumers assuming:  

  • Ring offers similar services to ADT 
  • Ring is working in partnership with ADT 
  • Ring is a substitute for ADT 

This is not the first time ADT has brought a lawsuit against Ring, either. In 2017, the Amazonowned company was sued for using unauthorized copies of one of ADT’s software platforms. This move apparently violated certain trade secrets, and the two companies ultimately settled the suit outside of court. 

Intellectual property, such as logos and specific marks, are essential for helping consumers identify specific companies, products and services. When another business infringes upon a trademark, it can create unnecessary confusion and even financially harm the original holder of the trademark. Georgia business owners who are dealing with their own instances of trademark infringement may be well advised to explore their own options for legal recourse.