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Intellectual property dispute between Lululemon and Peloton

Lululemon is most well-known for its athletic apparel, but the company more recently made headlines for asking a federal court to throw out a lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed by Peloton, an exercise equipment company. The dispute initially started over an intellectual property dispute. 

Lululemon’s complaint 

Exercise enthusiasts in Georgia might be fans of both Lululemon and Peloton, but the rift between the two companies is apparently growing. The issue stems from a dispute over whether Peloton violated Lululemon’s intellectual property with its clothing designs. Highlights from this dispute include: 

  • Lululemon supplied Peloton with branded clothing from 2016 until 2021. 
  • Peloton began its own clothing line in 2021. 
  • Lululemon said Peloton’s bras and leggings violated its trademark rights and design patents in Nov. 2021. 

Lululemon sent a cease-and-desist order to Peloton, with a warning that it would sue if the other company did not stop the infringement by Nov. 19. By request, Lululemon extended that deadline to Nov. 24. However, rather than using that time to address the issue, Peloton moved to file a lawsuit first. Its petition asks a federal court to rule that the Peloton leggings and bras do not violate Lululemon’s intellectual property. Lululemon believes this lawsuit should be thrown out, as Peloton improperly used its cease-and-desist extension to file first. 

Protecting intellectual property can be a challenge even in the best of situations. Unfortunately, there may still be times when another business or entity violates one’s intellectual property. Taking proper action in as timely a manner as possible is essential, as is understanding what Georgia state and federal laws might offer protection.