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Addressing buy-sell agreements for businesses

There may be numerous circumstances in life in which a person in Georgia or elsewhere might feel it is best to step down from managing a business and pursue other endeavors. Creating a strategy on how best to handle such a scenario could prove integral to protecting both the interests of business partners or shareholders and the longevity of the company. While buy-sell agreements may prove beneficial in various ways, knowing what to include in the terms of such arrangements can be complex at times. 

Buy-sell agreements can include complex terms that may cover a multitude of factors and the necessary components to include in such arrangements may vary in each situation. Some examples of factors to address with these agreements may include the following: 

  • Overview of parties:  One of the first topics to address could involve including the names, titles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the agreement. 
  • Valuation of shares:  Addressing the steps to take to properly value the business shares of the party who is leaving the company could also be integral to protecting the interests of everyone involved. 
  • How to proceed:  Another vital aspect of buy-sell agreements could involve including terms on how the process will unfold and about all the available options involved. 
  • Buyout triggers:  It may also be integral to address the scenarios that might trigger a buyout of shares, such as the onset of a serious illness or death of a partner or shareholder. 

Those who wish to protect their interests by implementing buy-sell agreements in contract terms could benefit from seeking guidance through every stage of the process. 

While discussing the topic of buy-sell agreements can be intimidating, including similar contingencies in business contract terms could also be vital to safeguarding the longevity of a company. Business owners in Georgia who wish to seek insight in navigating such a process could benefit from consulting with an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help a client better understand all the available options and essential factors to address and assist in creating a strategy that best aligns with the needs and interests of his or business endeavors.