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Protecting your business against allegations of discrimination

As a business owner, you understand how allegations of certain types of behavior can damage the health of your company. There is a critical balance between shielding your business from legal complications while also protecting the rights and interests of your employees. One of the most important ways you can do this is by taking steps to reduce the possibility of workplace discrimination at all levels of company operations. 

Discrimination can take different forms, and allegations of this type of issue in your company not only expose your business to a civil claim but can also harm your company’s reputation. It is practical and beneficial for a company to take steps to reduce discrimination and cultivate a strong company culture. This effort is good for the relationship between employers and employees, and it will protect the interests of your business long-term. 

Preventing discriminatory treatment 

There are specific steps that will help your company in the effort to reduce discriminatory treatment and prevent lawsuits. Workplace discrimination includes any behavior that treats a person or group less favorably because of certain characteristics. The ideal way to prevent and discourage discrimination in your company may include some of the following recommended steps: 

  • Have a written policy that outlines expectations for all employee behavior, company rules and procedures in case of a problem. 
  • Ensure all employees know the established procedure for how to proceed in the event they experience some type of discriminatory treatment in the workplace. 
  • Have training and regularly educate employees on their role in the prevention of workplace discrimination. 

It is your role as the employer to do everything possible to prevent discrimination. In the event that an issue arises, your employees should have an understanding of how to report their experience without fear of retaliation or additional mistreatment. However, as an employer, you also have the right to defend your company against harmful allegations. 

Protecting your business 

It is in your interests to take any allegation of workplace discrimination seriously. Whether it is necessary to go to trial or an out-of-court settlement is best, Georgia employers will benefit from focusing on what will be best for a company long-term. Defending against these types of claims can be a difficult process, which is why it may be helpful to seek professional guidance regarding the best way forward for your company.