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Why it can be a bad idea to fire an employee on a Friday

Finding the right method to fire an employee can pose challenges for businesses. That’s because the process can come with various risks. If employers fire an employee on a whim, it could lead to a lawsuit or in some circumstances, violent retaliation. But businesses may not always have the time to document unsatisfactory performance or behavior, as an employee’s actions may be costing the company time and money.

While there’s often not a perfect approach, recent reports there may be some days that are better for termination than others.

Wednesdays are often ideal

Wednesday can be a more convenient day for both parties involved. Often, firing someone on a Wednesday can give the worker time to ask questions about their benefits, severance pay and manager references. It can also give employees the time they need to process the news and start searching for their next job.

Fridays and Mondays may not be best

Contrary to what many HR professionals have said, these are some reasons why it may not be a good idea to fire employees on Fridays or Mondays:

  • The employee may stew about their emotions over the weekend.
  • It can give other workers anxiety, as they may not have heard why their colleague got let go.
  • It gives workers less time to communicate with their managers about what’s next.
  • If an employee gets fired on a Monday, they may wonder why they even came to work in the first place.

Tuesdays and Thursdays have also been flagged as bad times as well. That’s because workers who were fired on Tuesday may feel they got used for an extra day of their labor. Thursday, much like Friday, may not give an employee the time they need to address their future concerns.

The process is not always easy

Breaking the news to a worker they no longer have a job can be painful for everyone involved. Managers or business owners who have questions about how to legally and appropriately fire an employee may want to contact an attorney. They can assist them by addressing any issues they may have and help them understand their rights.