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Questions that can be considered hiring discrimination

Hiring the right employee is an important process for any business. However, in the search for the best possible candidate, it can be easy for Georgia employers to inadvertently veer into off limit topics. Employers should be cautious and avoid illegal interview questions during the hiring process. Otherwise, they may face serious legal accusations of hiring discrimination. 

What questions should employers avoid? 

Most employers already know that it is illegal to discriminate against current employees, but this protection also extends to applicants. For example, employers cannot discriminate against workers or applicants based on their race or gender. Some bases for discrimination are less clear though, so any questions regarding the following protected statuses should be avoided: 

  • Marital status 
  • Religious belief 
  • Pregnancy status 
  • Country of origin 

There are a few things that may happen if an employer accidentally asks an illegal interview question. The applicant might inform the person conducting the interview that the question was illegal, which can be uncomfortable but can be addressed in the moment. An applicant who feels put on the spot by such a question might choose to lie to avoid having to provide an accurate response. Finally, an applicant might file a complaint or even pursue legal action. 

Being accused of hiring discrimination can cause a multitude of problems for a business. Not only can legal fees quickly add up, but these types of accusations can tarnish a business’ reputation. Taking swift, proactive measures in situations such as this is often essential for Georgia business owners.