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What to include in a job offer

There are many factors that go into deciding whether to hire someone. An applicant’s education, work history and interview performance must all be carefully considered before extending an offer of employment. For all of the effort that goes into this process, many business owners in Georgia fail to craft a proper job offer. 

Writing a job offer 

A well written job offer is essential for both employer and employee. A potential employee cannot make a fully informed decision about a job if he or she does not understand the true nature of the position. A good job offer should generally include all of the following information: 

  • Job title 
  • Compensation 
  • Benefits 
  • Responsibilities 
  • Severance 

The responsibilities listed within a job offer are particularly important. Employers should strive to provide as thorough a description as possible, or risk an applicant accepting a position for which the individual is either incapable of or unwilling to perform. It would be unfortunate to hire someone only to learn that he or she does not have the interest, skills or capabilities to fulfill job tasks. 

It is also important not to misrepresent a position to avoid potential legal action from an employee. Being sued for alleged false promises can certainly impact the daily functions of a business and may even tarnish its reputation. Georgia business owners who are eager to avoid such occurrences may want to consider carefully reviewing their contracts, a job offer and other important documents alongside a knowledgeable attorney who can help guide them in the most appropriate direction.