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Business litigation: Drone company accused of breach of contract

When two companies in Georgia go into business together, they likely assume that the working relationship will benefit both. There are countless examples of that being true, but usually it involves planning, strategy and input from legal experts. The latter element can be particularly important, as a company will want to ensure that the partnership has solid legal footing, otherwise it may open itself up to significant risk and financial loss. Two out-of-state companies are trying to work through that exact issue through business litigation, as they allege that a third company has engaged in a breach of contract.

The two companies named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit say that the defendant acquired a website as part of an agreement a few years ago. The site provided satellite data and the third company, which is a drone technology company, was supposed to pay commissions for six years to the plaintiffs. They allege that this did not occur and are now suing for breach of contract as well as what they assert are deceptive trade practices.

The plaintiffs claim that the defendant failed to properly report data, pay full commissions, withheld information and more. They further allege that the drone company has changed CEOs numerous times in the ensuing years and that no resolution could be found even after several attempts. The drone company claims it fulfilled the contract that it had with the plaintiffs.

No company ever wants to enter into business litigation with another if it can be avoided. However, there are times when it may be necessary, especially if one business fails to uphold the promises it made in a contract. Here in Georgia, companies can work with an attorney who understands both the details and bigger picture of business-related laws. It often proves to be a wise investment in a company’s future.