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How can data privacy laws impact businesses in Georgia?

In recent years, identifying information has become essential in almost all transactions, from the most minor online purchases to accessing various government services or benefits. Additionally, these details can be prone to theft, making it even more important for legislators to create laws protecting data. Despite aiming to secure this information and address illegal activities, these laws can also affect businesses and their operations.

Information protected by law

Regulatory laws, such as the Georgia Personal Identity Protection Act, can take effect for various forms of information. This law usually protects personal and identifying details that others can misuse in numerous ways, including identity theft and other types of fraud. These data can include a person’s name, social security number, details of financial accounts, log-in information for digital assets and other identification numbers, such as in a driver’s license or other cards.

However, there are limitations in specific circumstances. Sometimes, the law may not fully apply if the individual chooses to make their personal information visible or accessible to the public. Regardless, the law still has provisions that may force businesses to take safety measures, especially if their daily operations involve transacting using computers or storing personal data on digital platforms. Failing to meet these security requirements can have legal repercussions based on the situation.

Practices to address data privacy issues

Data privacy regulation can be complex, especially for businesses with minimal understanding of this topic. Still, compliance can be essential to protect clients and secure the company as it functions using computers or other digital tools. When in doubt, seeking legal counsel can be beneficial to determine if the business complies with the state’s data privacy guidelines and if its practices require improvement.