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Business disputes may stem from claims of unfair competition

There may be few fields of business in which there is little to no competition and the presence of similar factors may even play a vital role in the pursuit of company growth. However, there may be a significant difference between healthy competition and unfair advantages and allegations of deceptive business practices can take on numerous forms. Knowing some of the most common types of unfair competition may be integral to helping companies in Georgia protect against the possible ramifications involved. 

Common examples 

One of the most common types of unfair competition may pertain to the presence of false advertising. This may occur when a company stands accused of issuing false statements about products and services to draw in customers and increase revenue. Another type of unlawful business practice might involve a scenario in which companies advertise products that are not currently for sale only to offer similar items at a higher price to customers who come in search of these products. 

Experts also indicate that selling items at lower prices than current market values simply to gain an edge over competitors may also be unlawful, even if it leads to a loss of revenue. Spreading false information and rumors about competitors may also be another form of unlawful competition. Issues such as theft of trade secrets and trademark infringement are two more examples of unlawful business practices that may constitute as unfair competition. 

Facing business disputes 

Business disputes stemming from allegations of unfair competition can pose a significant threat to the well-being of an endeavor. Companies in Georgia that encounter issues of this nature and wish to take every possible measure to safeguard their interests might consider retaining the services of an attorney for advice in addressing the situation. An attorney can help a client better understand what is at stake and assist in preparing to pursue an outcome that best aligns with the needs and interests of the company.