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Could your disability impact your employment opportunities?

Those with disabilities may find that they face challenges in different areas of their lives. While you may have some struggles due to your condition, that does not mean that you cannot work and have a successful career. However, in order to accomplish this, you may need different types of support. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, disabled employees have a right to reasonable accommodations in the workplace, and employers must provide them in a timely manner. 

If you find that you are unable to do your job because you have not been given the right support, or you are unsure of your rights to accommodations in the workplace, you will benefit from an explanation of your rights and how you can fight for the support you need and deserve. Failure to provide you with your rightful support and assistance in the workplace could be a form of discrimination. 

Confidentiality and important facts about your privacy 

It is critical for you to know and understand your rights as a disabled individual in the workplace. If there is a violation of your rights, this knowledge will allow you to take quick action to protect your interests. There are limits to what an employer can ask you about your medical condition, even if you ask for a reasonable accommodation. Consider the following facts about your rights and privacy: 

  • Disability laws apply to employers in the federal, private and state government sectors. 
  • During an interview, employers cannot require you to answer questions about your condition or take a medical exam. 
  • After a job offer, an employer can ask disability-related questions only if he or she asks the same questions to all applicants. 
  • After the start of your employment, an employer may only ask you questions about your disability in relation to your request for an accommodation. 
  • Your employer must keep your medical records private, and he or she cannot divulge your information without your permission. 

If you suspect that you are a victim of disability discrimination or harassment on the basis of your disability, you do not have to remain silent. There are various options available to you that will allow you to seek justice and accountability, as well as deserved compensation for what you experienced. Disabled Georgia employees have the right to do their jobs in a safe and accommodating environment that is respectful of their privacy and interests.