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The HR department’s crucial role in avoiding discrimination complaints

A company’s human resources (HR) department takes a much more crucial role in the organization than engaging in the hiring process. Aside from recruitment, it is also in charge of working through strategies to provide a safe working environment for its employees. This includes preventing and handling discriminatory behavior in the workplace.

The value of HR having an active role in workplace discrimination

Any complaint of unfair treatment within the company can take a heavy toll on the business. For one, it can set the company back in recruitment and training costs if the employee decides to leave. Moreover, it taints the business’s reputation, especially in today’s digital era when many people share their experiences online. In worst-case scenarios, the employee files a complaint with the local or state employee rights and labor agencies.

Having competent HR officers to handle company discrimination complaints before it gets too big can help the company avoid legal ramifications. This includes taking on the following tasks:

  • Taking claims seriously by properly investigating discrimination claims
  • Strategizing steps to prevent retaliation against the alleged victim employee
  • Sending reminders about workplace discrimination policies to all employees
  • Promoting cultural sensitivity by hosting awareness programs

These are only some of the measures the HR department can take to prevent workplace discrimination as much as possible. While these HR anti-discrimination duties do not guarantee that an employee will not raise the issue with government agencies or labor courts, it will minimize the chances.

When complaints break out from the company’s internal walls

If an employee files a discrimination case with a local or state agency against your company, even with the appropriate internal measures, you must be prepared and examine all the possible remedies available to you.