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How can a trademark benefit my business?

Strong branding could impact a business’s reputation. Well-established branding—including a name, slogan, logo, typeface and colors—significantly affects the recognition and credibility of a business. You must protect these elements relating to your products and services. Doing so would benefit your business in the long run.

Most businesses protect their brand identity by registering a trademark for words, phrases, symbols, designs or a combination of these things associated with their goods and services. A trademark is an Intellectual Property (IP) right that legally prevents your competitors from using these elements.

If you are still contemplating registering trademarks for your business, products or services, consider these three benefits to help you decide.


Registering for a trademark gives your business the exclusive right to use your brand elements. Trademarks only protect your IP within the country. Still, it would be easier to apply internationally if you already have a US trademark. If a competitor used any of your trademarked elements, you could sue them under the grounds of counterfeiting or fraud.

Competitive advantage

A registered trademark not only prevents local competitors from using your elements, but it also prevents imported goods with similar marks from entering the US market. Moreover, elements easily associated with your brand help your business attract more consumers.

Business growth

Establishing your brand with trademarks could attract investors and partners. You could expand your business with these opportunities. Consider registering your trademark under different geographical scopes when you decide to grow your business nationwide or internationally.

The US Patent and Trademark Office does not require companies to register trademarks. But it could help protect the business you worked hard for. Having trademark rights poses excellent opportunities for brand integrity. When you recognize your elements elsewhere, remember that you have the right to sue other businesses under IP law. Keeping your trademark registrations alive every five years is also essential to protecting your rights. Having an experienced IP lawyer by your side throughout your trademark journey could help protect your business’s IP rights.